oj simpson*If you can’t beat them, join them! Saturday Night Live’s edgy and sidesplitting skit about TV One’s newest show, “Pimpin,’ Pimpin,’ Pimpin’” with Katt Williams, got the creative juices flowing at TV One headquarters.

Check out TV One’s list of their five new shows in development that would surely become TV classics…if they ever hit the airwaves, that is! You may even be disappointed when you find out that *spoiler alert* O.J Simpson will NOT become the next Bachelor.

You can check out the list, which includes “The Bachelor with O.J. Simpson” and “Bizarre Foods” starring Mike Tyson right here.

*Have you ever fantasized about kissing Tyler Perry? Have you ever wonder if his lips are soft and … well, you get the drift.

Anyway, Nia Long can tell you how it feels because she’s the object of his affection in the new film “Single Moms Club” opening Friday in theaters throughout North America.

Check her out in the clip below and she tells Arsenio how it went down. It seems he kind of laid it on Nia at the last minute ’cause when she read the original script it wasn’t there.

Imagine that. Tyler Perry going lip to lip with Nia Long, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. But Arsenio wanted to know what was Tyler’s reaction.

“Did he get excited? Did he get a woodie?!”

Yeah, that’s the question. For Nia’s response and more about the kiss, check out the video: