kenya & apollo

*It’s going down on the next episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

OK, maybe it won’t be as dramatic as we’re trying to make it sound, but Kenya Moore is gonna confront Apollo Nida about basically saying things about her are untrue.

“I see they’re in protection mode; they’re trying to keep you out of trouble,” Kenya said about the other men on the cast with a laugh before getting right to the matter at hand. “It seemed as though when Phaedra [Parks] and I fell out, you and I were still cool. And then I feel like you were trying to attack me or make me look bad.”

If you recall, Apollo said Kenya wanted give him the goodies. Viewers know that they were rather flirtatious with each other durinmg her first season on “RHOA” and one thing led to another and before long they were texting each other. But then it turned sour when they coudln’t agree on who was texting what to whom, etc. All the while, Kenya’s relationship with Apollo’s wife, Phaedra was deteriorating. Hmm, wonder why?

“Where is all this coming from because we both know that the stuff you, like, throwing out there that that didn’t happen,” Kenya questioned, acknowledging later that she knows he was probably saying whatever he had to in order to keep the peace in his marriage. Still, Kenya did not appreciate being painted as a man-stealing harlot so that he could preserve his own reputation.

“Apollo knows that nothing ever happened between me and him,” she re-asserted in a confessional. “Yet he’s running around town, telling the streets that we had some fictitious meeting in L.A. that never happened. Only to cover up what he’s really been doing.”

For Apollo’s response, check out the clip below from the next episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”: