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Lance Gross with Rachael Taylor in NBC’s “Crisis”

*NBC’s new drama “Crisis,” co-starring Lance Gross as a Secret Service agent, premiered Sunday night to a lukewarm 6.5 million overall viewers, but managed to draw the network’s biggest Sunday 10 p.m. (non-awards show or sports event) audience since a Jan. 6, 2013 episode of “The Biggest Loser.”

So there’s hope.


The show follows the hijacking of a school bus from one of DC’s most elite schools. Among the students on board is the president’s son Kyle Devore (Adam Scott Miller).  Needless to say, it wasn’t a good first day for Secret Service Agent Marcus Finley, played by Gross. Adding insult to injury, he was wounded during the bus attack.

In tracking down the kidnappers, Finley is assigned to work alongside FB. agent, Susie Dunn (Rachael Taylor), whose niece Amber (Halston Sage) is also on the hijacked bus.

“We’re really excited to share the next episode with everybody, because I get to work with Lance Gross, and it’s cool,” Taylor told us. “We’re two partners from two different agencies that kind of butt heads a little bit, and it’s a story line that I am really enjoying.”


The wealthy and well-connected parents of these kids eventually pool their resources as CEOs, international diplomats and political power players to try and save their children.  Although First Son Kyle has the most powerful parent of them all, it’s Agent Finley, according to the show’s executive producer, who serves more as his father under these volatile circumstances.

“The president’s son surrogates as Finley’s kid,” explains executive producer Rand Ravich. “That’s who he went out with. That’s who he drove to school that morning, because Kyle Devore’s parents can’t because he’s the President.  In that carpool line Lance Gross was dropping off the president’s son. So he serves as the child that was taken from Lance that morning.”

Below, Gross says his character spends the rest of the season trying to make up for losing the president’s kid.

“Crisis” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. Watch a featurette about Lance’s character Agent Finley below.