pedi-feet-wash*I never felt totally comfortable getting a mani-pedi, if I’m being totally honest with you. Did I actually see the tools being sanitized in that blue stuff? I don’t think so. And when the technician would motion for me to “come on over” after just finishing with the last customer, did I didn’t witness anything significant being done with the tools that were used? Again, no.

So now, to hear from an actual podiatrist, that we’d better be real careful before heading out to our favorite mani-pedi-place, I figure I’d better stop being so damn polite! Put my big-girl pants on, speak up and…oh yeah, share with you some of the good tips I’ve learned.

You’re welcome.

First and foremost, bring your own darn tools!Why the heck did I never think of this before. I just assumed it wouldn’t be allowed. But, duh! Come to think of it, why would I allow someone working on my body, who I am actually paying, to tell me what they are allowed to use on MY body? Its not like their doctors and I’m telling them what meds to prescribe.

But those are just my observations. Listen to what Dr. Jackie Sutera, a New York-based podiatrist, Dr. Ella Toombs, a dermatologist in Washington, DC, and Crystal Clements, the manager at Eve Salon in New York City have to say on things we just need to know before we book our next appointment.

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