wendy williams and porsha stewart*After more than a year of feuding, Porsha Williams has had enough of Wendy  Williams.

Media sources report the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star aired out her feelings on Wendy Williams during an interview for V-103 in Atlanta. Although she was at the radio station to promote her new single “Flatline”, the conversation shifted towards Wendy Williams, whose less than flattering treatment of Porsha has caused her to become “disappointed” in the popular daytime TV talk show host.

“You know what? It’s just enough. It’s enough of women of power, women of color, not supporting each other. Like, every time I see her say something about me, I’m disappointed in her. She’s calling me ‘less than smart’; she’s less than a woman. You shouldn’t do that,” Porsha  said. “I’ve been through a very traumatic situation that hurt me. All I’m trying to do is stand and be strong and possibly inspire somebody else, and all she does is knock me down. But this is the same woman who said that I should’ve had a baby by my ex to get cash. Really? Never. Never stoop that low. So for me, I have no thoughts on Wendy, at all.”

The feud between Porsha and Wendy Williams goes back a long way. Last year, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant claimed that Porsha  was “less than smart”. So much so that she once said it straight to her face while Porsha  was a guest on her show. Wendy Williams ultimately kept going in as she blasted Porsha  again in front of her audience, as she encouraged them to call Stewart stupid. They obliged her.

Needless to say, Porsha was not pleased.

“You know what? For her to have that type of platform she has, she should use it better than she does. I’m disappointed in her. I’m not even going to really insult her and go too low, I’m just disappointed in a woman like her to do what she does every single day. It’s the influence that she has. As a TV host, Oprah, for instance, she influences not only her audience, but the world. And to get to that level you have to be intelligent and know how to deal with that power and use it positively. Oprah will definitely go in, if she had an interview with me she would dig in deep, but she would also build me back up. Wendy never builds people up in a positive way, definitely not black women. And for me, I feel like it’s low and it’s just sad,” she said. “But…she only fools the people in her audience. If you go to her Instagram and Twitter, it’s a completely different opinion. So for me I feel like her audience is just like clap-clap-clap, say ‘yeah’, say ‘yeah, stupid’, whatever. If they have their own mind and they’re at home and they’re on their Twitter they voice that she’s wrong for not saying that she’s sorry that I had a miscarriage. How could you say something about me having a baby by him to get cash and you knew that we had gone through something so traumatic? I feel like, as a woman, she just doesn’t sit and think and do things, so at the end of the day, she might be ‘less than smart’.”