baby girl - abandoned - chicago

*A man who found a young girl wrapped in a blanket inside an apartment building on Chicago’s South Side Friday night said he thinks a woman who alerted him to the abandoned baby may have been her mother.

Thomas Freeman said a young woman approached him while he was walking in the 8200 block of South Justine Street and asked to use his cell phone after she told him it appeared someone left a baby in the hallway of a nearby apartment.

“I went to reach for it, she said it looked like someone left a baby in the hallway,” Freeman said. “When I looked, she left and kept walking. I said “Are you sure?” She didn’t respond.”

Freeman went to the building to see if the woman was telling the truth.

“When I looked in there that’s when I realized there was something laying in there. It was a little baby, a precious baby girl,” he said.

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