raphael brown next,

*Juliette Gil-Brown is protecting herself against her estranged husband, Raphael Brown AKA Tweety of R&B group Next.

She accused him of brutally kicking her while pregnant and for harming their daughter.

A restraining order was taken out against him.

His wife said this has been going on occasionally, per a TMZ report.

He has hit, shove, kicked her in the stomach, grabbed her in the neck and punched her in the mouth on multiple occasions.

And the violence didn’t stop there!

He’s acted viciously towards their 4-year-old daughter as well.

She claimed he became furious because their daughter refused to kiss him on the mouth.

He yelled at her and pushed her in a car seat.  And exclaimed that he didn’t have herpes!

And if that wasn’t damaging enough for one of his kids, she also claimed he watched porn on the computer in front of their children.

No word yet from Tweety, but this isn’t a good luck at all for the singer who’s been MIA for a long time.

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