fantasia barrino*During a  show in Atlanta, singer Fantasia decided to throw a little shade at R&B group TGT. reported that Fantasia and the group had a rough time working together as she opened for them at the Atlanta Civic Center. Word is TGT didn’t leave Fantasia adequate enough time for a proper sound check.

During her set, Fantasia experienced some audio issues and explained why to her audience.

“My background singers said they can’t hear. Here is the problem, ATL, and I’m gonna keep it real, real, real,” she told fans. “Sometimes they allow us to get our soundcheck, and sometimes they don’t.”

Fantasia then implied that the reason behind her sound check issue stemmed from a personal problem. “That just only let me know one thing, and I’m gonna keep that to myself,” Fantasia stated. “We are not haters. We like to perform with people, but sometimes they don’t like to perform with us.”

After the show Fantasia’s manager posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Tank. Tank nor any of the other members has replied to Fastasia’s comments.