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*(Via iDateDaily) – Last night while conversing with a female friend, she admitted to me she has never had an οrgasm before.

Shocked by what this grown woman confessed to me, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her. It must suck to have sex over and over again without ever reaching the ultimate climax. She told me her problem was not knowing how to tell her partners what she wanted and what they were lacking. She wanted to avoid damaging the ego of these men, but it came at the expense of her own enjoyment.

I’m sure this is an issue for many women. They moan, scream and make all the faces that have these men thinking they are doing the damn thing when in reality they are coming up short.

Ladies, you deserve to have mind blowing sex, so before your next acting gig arrives, take these methods into consideration.

1- Take Control– This will only work for the receptive gentleman but can be a great way for you to relay to him everything you desire without it coming off as him not knowing what he’s doing. The mere fact that you’re sexing him will certainly put him at ease while you boss him around.

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