man & selfie

*(Via iDateDaily) – As a woman who considers herself to be in love with fashion and everything about it, I have to say that I prefer that my man be opposite of that.

Not that I want someone who can’t match a pair of socks, but I do tend to steer away from men who are taking triple and quadruple takes in the mirror before we go out because he can’t stop looking at the outfit he spent an hour piecing together.

Here are 3 things that differentiate a “manly man” from a man who is a “divo,” i.e. the male version of a diva:

1) Gender neutral outfits – with the rise of interest in the men’s skinny leg jean, v-neck t-shirt, and fitted blazer trends, it is very likely that a woman and her beau will end up in very similar outfits on their Saturday night out on the town. This is a big no-no for me. I don’t need a twin, and have never been a fan of couples matching in public. There is nothing wrong with rocking the latest fashions, but don’t steer away from masculinity. A nice traditional look with one edgy piece will suffice.

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