black dudes as white girls

*(Via iDateDaily) – If you’ve been watching the latest trend in pop culture, you’ll notice that men are becoming more and more “diva.” Now this is nothing new under the sun, as there was a surge in androgynous culture in the 70s and 80s.

Much like their forefathers, today’s men are getting French manicures, wearing skin-tight apparel, and spending more time in the mirror than most women. In other words, men have feelings now and are sensitive about about their appearance. Ladies, isn’t this what we’ve asked for?

Haven’t we always said our ideal man is one that is sensitive to our feelings and be eager to have a spa day with us? Well, they’ve here! And they’re becoming a growing trend throughout the nation.

So how does this affect relationships now? Will they become better because they can closely relate to women? Well, as the saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for,” we may have needed to think more closely about how the increase of femininity in our men would change the dynamics of romance and relationships.


Below are three ways the feminization of men affects dating and relationships:

  1. Men become less sensitive to physical abuse because they revere women as equals. Many feminists fight for women’s equality; but in certain scenarios, I’m not sure if that’s a good battle to fight. Here’s an example of when women’s equality works against women: If a feminine man gets into an altercation with a woman, he may not revere her as someone who possesses less stress strength than him. As a result, he has no hesitation to punch her as if she were a man, although his physical strength is at least 5o percent more than hers.

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