ike & tina turner

*(Via iDateDaily) – Yesterday I was sitting in the barber’s chair debating who’s the better baller: Lebron or Kevin Durant; and then time stopped. It was that moment when a beautiful woman walked in the room and everything slowed down as she passed through.

As an attractive woman walked to the back of the shop, all of us (men) began to look at her — one-by-one. While we were looking at her assets that were wonderfully shaped and complemented by her skin tight dress, it was apparent that her man wasn’t too pleased. The look on his face seemed worrisome, as if he feared every man in the shop (including a lesbian stud) was about to approach his woman and take her from him. It was quite humorous and pathetic at the same time. I’m sure if his woman could witness the look on her man’s face that we saw, she would be embarrassed for even stepping out into the world with him.

If you’re a man who finds yourself in this guy’s position, or even if it gets to the point where another man approaches your woman, here are three ways to handle it like a gentleman:

1. Fall Back – Let’s say you and your woman are at a lounge for celebratory drinks — maybe you just closed a deal or something of the sort — and you excuse yourself to go the men’s room. As you return, you see a guy has approached her. The first thing you need to do is fall back. She’s your woman and you trust her. So let her handle the situation without you feeling the need to jump in the guy’s face; she’s grown and she’s more than capable of letting men know she isn’t interested. She’ll appreciate you showing her that you trust that she’s woman enough to handle it.

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