trey songz (with mic)

*(Via iDateDaily) – If you were on Twitter last night, you probably noticed that R&B singer Trey Songz was a trending topic of discussion.

But why? Someone tweeted an image of the singer’s tweet that proclaimed he is gay. The tweet read: “I think it’s time to finally tell my fans. all games and jokes aside… I’m gay.” The alleged tweet was posted on Tuesday evening at 5:48 pm.

The singer’s majority female fan base immediately shared the tweet and expressed their disappointment in the “breaking news,” using memes and other images to illustrate their disappointment.

A quick glance at the singer’s profile shows no indication of a tweet. In fact, one can quickly assess that he doesn’t tweet very much at all — with 2-3 tweets every other day — in comparison to some of his superstar colleagues who tweet 2-3 tweets every second and everyday.

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