same sex flags (gay pride)

*(Via iDateDaily) – Previously, I wrote about the wedding ceremony performed by Queen Latifah at the Grammy Awards. I discussed the basics for a lawful marriage, and seemingly all the couples had done everything by the books.

However, it’s important to note that although those same-sex couples tied the knot legally in California, their nuptials may not be recognized in states that have not legalized same-sëx marriage.

For instance, a same-sëx couple who’s married in California or New York is not necessarily legally married in Georgia or Pennsylvania. Many states that prohibit same-sëx marriage generally do not recognize same-sëx couples married legally in other states.

Therefore, couples lose many protections once available to them in states that do recognize their nuptials. Recently, a same-sëx couple in Alabama found this out after unsuccessfully filing for divorce. The couple was legally wed in Iowa but moved to Alabama, and after separating, a divorce suit followed. This suit was heard by an Alabama judge who ruled on the matter by dismissing it.

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