is this your thot*I woke up this morning and made my rounds around the hip-hop blog sites and after reading about the genius of this secret Wu Tang album, I stumbled upon a video blog by rapper 2 Chainz titled “#IsThisYourThot.”

If you haven’t seen it already, the video shows a young woman attempting to get backstage, eventually making her way to the backstage area trying to meet/hook up with one of the men in the rapper’s posse. 2 Chainz proceeds to embarrass the woman, asking several men in the backstage area “Is this your thot”? (THOT = That Hοe Over There). Once the guy she’s looking for comes out of the room, 2 Chainz asks her to spin around so they can look at her ASSets. She’s unaware at first that they are recording her but once she finds out she begins to try to make herself look cute and then gives viewers her Instagram information and asks them to follow her. The video ends with her mispronouncing the name of 2 Chainz’ opening act August Alsina, and then being kicked out of the backstage area as they laugh at her.

The whole video made me uncomfortable. It was sad to see a young woman putting herself in that position but what was more saddening was the way she was treated by the men and the comments left on the blogs. For some reason, many are under the belief that a woman shouldn’t be respected if she’s doing something that is deemed disrespectful to herself. I think that belief is total BULLSHΙT. Women should be respected regardless of what they do.

These men could have handled this situation in so many different ways.

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