kim k shows off ring*(Via iDateDaily) – By this time, everyone should know that Kim Kardashian is a shameless gold-digger.

If being married three times to three different “entertainers” before
the age of 35 isn’t enough proof, perhaps her larger than life staged wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries coupled with her decision to conceive a child with rapper Kanye West while she  was still legally married to Humphries provides even more validity to the fact that she is shamelessly (and pathetically) forming  relationships with rich and powerful men for money and fame.

When she’s not spending every waking moment of her life posting not-so-discreet  “look at my gigantic engagement ring” photos on Instagram, she’s failing to find subliminal ways to show off her million-dollar rock during television appearances.

kim - ring - kuwtk

In a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, Kim and Kourtney discussed their new clothing line for children named Kardashian Kids. After trying to answer each question to the best of her ability, Kim resorted to fixing her hair, murmuring words under her breath (although she was mic’d up), and even having a shabby cough on-air in a desperate attempt to show off the bling bling her rapper fiancé purchased her. It’s almost too difficult to actually learn anything about the sisters’ merchandise with Kim’s distracting behavior.

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