Al Sharpton*Talk of the NFL penalizing players using the N-word on the field has received a thumbs up from the Rev. Al Sharpton.

In an editorial in the New York Daily News, Sharpton praised the penalty as “a recognition that there is a problem in football specifically, and in sports in general.”

Despite the acknowledgment, the “Politics Nation” host mentioned that the penalty should “go further” to include “immediate termination with the player having the right to all due process.”

Sharpton’s comments also touched upon the consequences of not addressing the N-word immediately as he illustrated how the use of other negative labels would increase.

“If we don’t take an unequivocal stand on the N-word, what happens when openly gay athletes are mocked with the F-word on the field or players use anti-Semitic or anti-Irish words,” he said. “We must send a message that all derogatory words are unacceptable and will face maximum penalty.

“What we’re dealing with is an arrogance in sports in which the football field and the locker room are treated differently than any other work site,” Sharpton continued. “At any work site around the country, if you use any kind of discriminatory language — be it racial or gender-based — you can be fired.”

Just as regular folk are penalized immediately, Sharpton encouraged readers to prevent NFL players from using their status and talent to get around their just due.

“We cannot act like NFL players — because they generate so much money — are above any other worker,” he expressed. “They should be subjected to the same worksite rules that anyone sitting in the stadium paying to see them is subjected to .
Just because they can sell tickets shouldn’t mean they don’t have to live by the rules that everybody else does.

“If athletes can discipline their bodies and minds to do extraordinary feats, then they certainly have the capacity to discipline their tongue to control their words,” Sharpton added. “Any excuse is unacceptable.”