ann wolfe

*I’d like to talk about my excluvive interview with the one and only Ann Wolfe (pictured).

This woman is truly a firebrand and a branch out of the old school of boxing. She’s currently training her stable of fighters in her gym located in her home base of Austin, Texas.

This woman in case you haven’t heard of her, is originally from Louisianna and is a former fighter who once held 8 world titles in four weight divisions. She even called out Laila Ali to a duel that never happened. She is the trainer of the tough and rugged James Kirkland whom she has been mentoring since he was twelve years old. She says she cares about one thing, and that is getting a fighter prepared to fight.

I asked her what were the five principles that she tries to enstill in the fighters that she trains and she replied, “To have respect for everybody, be humble, be a man, be obediant, and have the killer instinct.”

Her recipe for a fighter’s success is to spar everyday, hit the heavy bag, and run eight miles daily. She’s also developed a program in her gym that caters to young kids from 3-8 years old, amatuers, and young adults 18 and over.

She says that the number one thing she attempts to do to develop a fighter is ” To get them to believe they can do something when they think they can’t, and prepare them to fight.”

At 43 years old Ann Wolfe certainly looks like she still has a lot of fight left in her.

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