common*From the M.I.C. to the big and small screen to … Broadway?!

If the New York Post is to be believed, then this could be the case for Common.

The publication reports that the rapper/actor is being considered to star in a Broadway revival of “The Great White Hope.” The play, written by Howard Sackler, is known for it’s 1970-film adaptation, which was directed by Martin Ritt, and starred James Earl Jones.

Jones found great success with “The Great White Hope” as he won a Tony award for Best Actor in a Play when he starred in the Broadway version of the production. The actor’s big screen performance earned him an Oscar nomination for the film, which a fictional life story of real-life boxing champion Jack Johnson.

The athlete, who is called Jack Jefferson in the film and play, became the first African-American world heavyweight boxing champion during the height of the Jim Crow era.

With James’ good fortune from “The Great White Hope” could Common be on his way to following in the acting veteran’s footsteps by starring as Johnson?

According to the Post, Common recently read for a handful of producers and investors who are working to bring “The Great White Hope” back to Broadway. A source with the publication state that the reading went well, adding that Common was “excellent.”

To add fuel to the rumor is talk of Common being so eager to play Johnson that he’s even offered to help finance the revival.

Stay tuned to see if the lyricist will get his due on Broadway…