*Well, that wasn’t a good choice for him to make!

RuPaul is in trouble after using a transphobic slur on his show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The contestants had to play a game challenge — “Female or She-male.”

They had to determine if they were being shown a picture of “a biological woman or a psychological woman.”

If that wasn’t transphobic enough, the drag icon used low-pitched voices to determine if they were female and high-pitched voices to determine if they were “she-male.”

C’mon RuPaul, ‘she-male’ is not a word you should be using. Do not perpetuate that this is an ok word when it’s so hurtful to trans women,” said one Twitter fan, while another added, “RuPaul’s Drag Race had a segment called ‘Female or Shemale.’ This is not ok at all.”

Another Twitter-ite described what the derogatory term means and why it shouldn’t be used as it’s offensive to trans women.

‘Shemale’ is a term often used in porn. The fact that @RuPaul is using it as a joke muddies up our identities as trans women even more.”

RuPaul might be a gay and drag black icon, but he’s clearly not a trans advocate.

Instead, other famous faces like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox have brought mainstream attention to trans issues — specifically issues impacting trans women of color: poverty, unemployment and trans violence.

RuPaul or the show’s producers have not made any comments yet.

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