rush-limbaugh*Well this should feed the appetite of a man African Americans and many people of color see as hateful and racist for at least a week.

The Rush Limbaugh‘s, Glenn Beck‘s, and Bill O’Reilly‘s literally live for callers like the African American woman who recently called in to Limbaugh’s radio show to unleash her fury, better known in some circles as “throwing up” on president Barack Obama; while blaming him for her own sense of self-hate.

Of course the right-wing conservatives eat stuff like this up, regurgitate it and add their own special boosting agents before serving it up to unsuspecting minds.

In a recent interview on his self-titled radio show, Rush Limbaugh took a call from an African-American female listener who claims she is ‘embarrassed to be a Black-American,’ insinuating that President Obama’s presidency is the source of her embarrassment. “I have one major problem, and that’s Barack Obama himself,”  she said. “My problem is, as a black woman, I am embarrassed to be a black-American.

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