schoolboy-q *ScHoolBoy Q may be focused on music with the release of his new album “Oxymoron,” but things were a bit different years ago.

In an interview for NPR’s Microphone Check, the TDE rapper admits to a past filled with drug addition that only one person knew about.

“I was addicted for like two years and I would never tell nobody,” ScHoolBoy Q revealed. “Like none of my homies. I wouldn’t tell my girl. I wouldn’t [tell] my mother. Like nobody. TDE didn’t know. The only n—- that knew was Ab-SoulKendrick didn’t know. I was his hype man. I was faded. It was crazy.”

As a dealer, ScHoolBoy Q made as much as $80 per pill selling Oxycontin to doctors and teachers in Seattle. According to the rhymer, it all started with one pill.

“The dude was the devil that gave me that pill. I was the devil in Seattle when I was selling people those pills,” he said. “Oxycontin was crazy. It’s synthetic heroine…people would come through sniffing their mother’s purse or something, or [trying to sell] a flat screen TV [for drugs].”

Although he confessed to smoking weed and sipping codeine, ScHoolBoy’s days of drug dealing and gang banging are over. Nowadays, it’s music that occupies his time as it provides a way for him to share the “real life s—.” In fact, much of Schoolboy Q’s music includes references to his past addiction and lifestyle.

In addition to his drug addiction, Q’s stage name was also addressed during the NPR chat as well as the making of “Oxymoron.” For the record, the name came from a pimp named Schoolboy in his neighborhood.

Comparing his music to other artists, ScHoolBoy Q emphasized how the candor of addiction and gang life is what sets him apart from artists like Drake, Kanye West and fellow TDE rhymeslayer Kendrick Lamar. “People mistake gangster music for no substance now, and all you have now is a bunch of soft records,” said Schoolboy Q. “Drake is one of my favorite artists, he’s the main focus of hip hop right now. Kanye… it’s nothing aggressive about that, he one of my favorites also. Eminem even switched it up, then you have people like Kendrick, it’s the good kid [m.a.a.d. city]. Even though his s— was still on the gritty side but it was still ‘good kid.’ Nobody’s coming from my perspective no more…making it an art anyway.”

ScHoolBoy Q’s “Oxymoron,” which was released on Feb. 25 is currently slated to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart.