*Fans finally got what they wanted!

Sasheer Zamata, a strong and hilarious black female comedienne, is holding her own on “Saturday Night Live.”

She stepped foot into the role of Olivia Pope (“Scandal“) — impersonating the iconic TV character.

And she garnered a very funny lead role as it’s her first MAJOR performance on the show since making an on-air debut in January.

Zamata parodied Pope in a white pantsuit while in boss mode — ordering around her staff to do… well, what they do, fix problems.

And of course, her up-to-it team jumped right at it in a matter of seconds — thriving in their fast-paced environment. Everyone, but the new girl played Lena Dunham who constantly asked questions about the logistics and how to please the demanding Pope.

(Taram Killam) played the love interest of President Fitz — resulting in an exaggerated love scene with over-the-top facial expressions.

This led to Dunham’s character exclaiming, “Ok, that was the president of the United States how are you not texting 1,000 people right now?”

“He’s a problem,” Zamata explained.  “I don’t need problems. I fix problems.”

After much controversy, Zamata became the first African-American female cast member to join SNL after many years of waiting!

But is Zamata coming for Kerry Washington‘s job?

Well, at least Washington has someone to fill in for her…

Watch the SNL spoof below: