Soulmate film producer Andrea Wiley explains why faith & love still matter.

Soulmate film producer Andrea Wiley explains why faith & love still matter.

*In 2007, Andrea Wiley and a team of dedicated artisans set out to document single women of faith in the award winning film “Soul Mate.”  Their stories were inspiring, heart wrenching and real as women by the dozens graciously shared their truth and their desire to be coupled with their soul mate in the presence of overwhelming statistics.

Fast forward to 2014, when single women and their woes are preeminent in media, especially among women of color.  Writer, producer Andrea Wiley’s message is that: “Faith and love still matter.” This is a timeless reminder, especially since the happily coupled rarely get as much press as the drama couples of reality TV.  Wiley is a former writer/producer for such shows as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Malcolm & Eddie and The Parkers among many others.

When on the festival circuit the Soul Mate film won:

Best Feature Film – African American Women In Cinema
Audience Choice – African American Women In Cinema
Best Documentary – Hollywood Black Film Festival
Best Documentary – San Francisco Christian Film Festival WYSIWYG
Best Documentary – Sweet Auburn International Film Festival
Best Documentary – International Black Film Festival of Nashville
Best Documentary – Urban Vestige Film Festival

Andrea Wiley believes that the Soul Mate film is worth revisiting and even introduced to those who are new to the singles scene, because the ultimate relationship that anyone can have is with The Creator.  Though Andrea is a happily married mother of two sons, she was drawn to the story of single women because of her ties to so many women in her inner circle who all seemed to share the same scenario. Soul Mate is affirming for women, and a sobering eye opener for men. Andrea’s mission is clear:

“I hope the testimonies of women in this film will inspire people to examine their spiritual lives, move beyond the traps that singleness sometimes creates for those who wish to be married, and find wholeness in an intimate relationship with God.”

Soul Mate features Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Sherri Shepherd, Michelle McKinney Howard,   Dr. Cynthia Hale, Devika Parikh, Dr. Jerome Clayton, Sara Finney Johnson and many more.  To order Soul Mate click here.