stevie j

*Stevie J (Stevie Jordan) is in hot water!

The “Love & Hip Hop” star failed to make an appearance at his court date on February 25 at New York State Family Court of Manhattan.

And that could warrant his arrest.

The hip-hop, reality TV star could face time behind bars for skipping out on the court date.

Carol Antoinette Bennett is the mother of two of Jordan’s kids, and she’s calling for him to pay for child support.

He was served with a subpoena by Project Child Support. And he owes more than $1 million in back child support. Ouch!

“Each time Mr. Jordan fails to appear, he enables Project Child Support to request what we need to eventually seize his assets to pay the arrears and fees if he is unwilling to do so, without his opposition,” said Kai D. Patterson who is the founder of the organization.

Patterson continued with:

“Now that we can issue subpoenas through a court order, we will aggressively begin to issue subpoenas prior to our next scheduled court date.”

A new court date is set for April 23. And it’s definitely in Stevie J’s best interest to show up next time.