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*Well, it seems as though Draya Michele got tired of the ladies from “Basketball Wives LA” coming for her!

And she won’t be underestimated again as she gave Sundy Carter a black eye!

On a recent episode, Carter called Draya out as being a bad mother and teased her for formerly being a stripper.

And maybe, Sundy shouldn’t have dared Draya to hit her because she did! And she left her mark!

“I gotta black eye but u got ya a$$ whooped twice!” Carter wrote.

She encouraged Draya to meet her to continue their fight where they left it.

“No girl. I won’t come to your event tonight. Lol. Nice try…” Draya responded.

Jackie Christie instigated the fight by loudly repeating what Draya said under her breath — calling Carter “ratchet.”

But when Carter started talking about Draya’s son, everything went downhill from there at Palm Springs accommodations.

“Some things are worth standing up for…… The type of b!tc# who talks about another women’s son usually ends up with a black eye,” Draya wrote.

Watch the drama unfold below: