steffanie rivers

Steffanie Rivers

Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of a weak spot in Ukrain. Three weeks ago Ukraine’s president was kicked out of office over allegations of corruption. Now Putin and his Russian military have taken over key parts of Ukraine and probably will try to take over the whole country unless Ukrain starts defending itself.

Why is Russia punking Ukraine? Some say ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and Putin might have had an undercover plan for a takeover all along, which ultimately led to Yanukoych’s ouster. What does this have to do with the United States? Absolutely nothing. Russia and Ukrain are in an A and B conversation. The U.S. government should see its way out, especially since what U.S. officials have said so far proves them to be hypocrites.

U.S. Officials from President Barack Obama down have called Russia’s actions “a violation of international law,” and condemned that country for trying to “redraw international borders over the heads of democratic leaders in Ukraine.” The trouble is, the United States has a history of doing just that, except the United States attempts to force communist countries into democracies by inventing reasons why it should invade.

Example number one: In 2003 when the United States couldn’t get the United Nations Security Council to authorize a resolution approving the use of force in Iraq after the Sept. 11th attack on America, President George W. Bush pushed American troops into a search for weapons of mass destruction that – for all intents and purposes – didn’t exist, except in Bush’s mind, because Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was “the guy who tried to kill my dad” Bush so adamantly stated.

A CIA informant later admitted he lied to justify a war in Iraq that was less about WMDs and more about revenge, obtaining that country’s oil and other natural resources.

Example number two: The 1983 invasion of Grenada, a nation with a population of 91,000. That’s smaller than the population of Flint, Michigan, or Erie, Pennsylvania or Davenport, Iowa. Really, United States. Really! The takeover took just two weeks. Americans considered themselves to be righting the wrong done after a fringe political group overthrew the established leadership and later killed the prime minister there.

I guess overthrowing a government to remove established leadership is not allowed, unless it’s done by the United States. And that leads me to example number three: The 1961 attempt to invade Communist Cuba and establish a democratic government. The CIA-trained Cuban ex-patriots tried to overthrow Fidel Castro’s government, but failed due to poor planning.

When I hear President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and other government leaders criticize Russia for trying to increase its territory it makes me question their motives, their memory and how much they value the intelligence of the American people. Underestimating your own citizens is one thing. Underestimating Russia and its allies without considering the consequences to America could lead to World War III.

Steffanie is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Email her at [email protected] or questions, comments or speaking inquiries.