richard sherman & condoleeza rice

Hey, what are THEY doing together?!

Relax, ain’t nothing going on for all kinds of reasons. Here’s the story.

The two Stanford grads, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and NFL/Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman were spotted together at an NCAA game in Memphis, Tenn., on Thursday rooting for their favorite team, the Stanford Cardinals, of course.

As the TheRoot‘s Breanna Edwards reported, Rice, a professor at the esteemed school since 2009, and Sherman, part of the 2013 Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks and a celebrated alumnus, were seen chatting it up at the game.

Sherman tweeted a selfie with Rice, adding that there was a “nice crowd” in attendance.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Stanford lost by 10 points (82-72) to the Dayton Flyers.