Mother and Son business partners speak on their personal lives and store expansion possibilities: LA or Houston

tim miss robbie  lacora (sweetie pies intv)

Tim, Miss Robbie and LaCora Stephens

*Oprah has selected great programs for families to sit and enjoy together. The award winning show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” is one of them.

EURweb associate, LaCora Stephens, spoke to the former Ikette Miss Robbie and her son; former inmate turned marketing guru Tim about their secret recipe of the successful show.

The secret they shared was “Macaroni & Cheese and your mother cussin’ you out!” The two have a loving, yet tumultuous relationship. So it seems that the big argument this season will be where the new restaurant will be.  Ms. Robbie wants Los Angeles, while Tim desires Houston. LaCora asked, “Do you think your soul food might be a challenge to the ‘L.A. Health Kick’?”

Ms. Robbie said: “No, they need a little grease, neck bones and fried chicken will help L.A. out.”

Tim stated that Houston will be the better choice because:

“It’s one of the fattest cities in America and I can help them.  I’m one of the six-pack-less, and Houston can eat catfish and fried chicken and not worry about six-packs.”

In regards to the cast, Charles continues to be head of “acting a fool.”  Tim and Janae will take a drastic turn in their relationship on episode eight, Ms. Robbie is no longer looking for love, only companionship, watch for what she means by that! They also talk about an upcoming crisis this season.

Stay tuned in this Saturday, March 15, 2014 on the OWN channel at 9/8c. Visit for more info. #SweetiePies