Tyler Perry and Spike Lee *The beef between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee is dead, thanks to a recent one-on-one meeting between the filmmakers.

Perry confirmed the end of the conflict during an appearance on “The Talk,” saying he and Lee have learned to respect each other’s approach to film making.

“Spike flew down to my house after he watched the Oprah [Winfrey] interview that I did. We had a long conversation. He came by himself to my house,” Perry said while joking that with Lee arriving by himself, he could bury the “School Daze” director’s body on the premises without witnesses.

Perry’s news concludes talk of any lingering beef between the two film creators. Although Lee has made no secret of his feelings about Perry’s popular Madea character and stereotypes he feels Perry sometimes reinforces in his movies, “The Single Moms Club” director admitted that he and Lee have moved past arguing about their ways of making movies.

“We’ve had great conversation. We have two very different opinions about what we do,” Perry said as he acknowledged that both men know their audiences well enough to give them what they want. “He’s very clear about what he does and where he stands, and so am I. I know that my audience loves what I do, and I know that he has an audience that loves what he does and that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for the other.”

The conflict with Lee isn’t the only thing Perry resolved. In an interview with Radio One founder Cathy Hughes during Women’s Empowerment 2014, the entertainment mogul revealed a family secret about the man who raised him.

“I love my mother to death, but she lied to me,” Perry said.  He went on to say that his suspicions about the man, who he described as a “bastard” for being abusive toward him, were verified when he discovered the man was not his father.

Although his mother, who is currently deceased, always said the man was his father, Perry pursued the truth for himself. After his mother died, the actor/director had a DNA test with his brother, which revealed they did not have the same father. Perry continued his search for answers by taking another DNA test, this time with the man who raised him. The second test confirmed that the man was not Perry’s biological father.

As a result of the tests, Perry, who advised Women’s Empowerment attendees not to keep secrets from their children, stated that he is now trying to find out the identity of his biological dad.

For more of Tyler Perry’s interview on “The Talk,” click on the video below: