frank ocean

*Uh-oh! The “Thinking About You” singer might be legally changing his name to Frank Ocean, but he’s also facing legal trouble with flaking out on a Chipotle ad.

And Chipotle isn’t have it! The Mexican Grill company is suing Ocean for accepting $212K, but not delivering any ad.

And it sounds like Ocean backed out over his own diva demand!

He wanted the company to remove their logo from the end of the ad. Of course, Chipotle disagreed.

But… in Ocean’s defense, Chipotle agreed to give him complete creative control over recording and promotional materials for the ad. And by refusing to remove the logo, Ocean called out Chipotle as in breach of their contract.

Ocean would’ve received $425,000 in full, but Chipotle is striking back with asking for the $212,500 advance back.

That’s too bad! Fans won’t get to see Ocean remake “Pure Imagination” for the supposed-to-be animated commercial.

But Ocean formally known (and born) as Christopher Edwin Breaux is legally changing to his stage name.

And while he’s being sued, he’s also putting the name change news in the newspaper for four weeks in order for it to happen. The point to this is if he’s using the name to defraud someone victims can object in court!

Nevertheless, Ocean is a busy man — name changing and getting sued and all!