*The headline says it all. Benzino (real name: Raymond Scott) is expected to be released from a Boston area hospital today.

As for his nephew (Gai Scott) who’s accused of shooting him, he’s been arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder. Benzino was shot in his arm and his back was grazed by a bullet. As we reported, the incident happened on Saturday.

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Gai Scott is scheduled to be arraigned today (Monday / 03-31) for the shooting.

But shocking news of the event has everyone wondering what happened between the two.

We don’t have the full story but Benzino said he was stunned that the family feud escalated to the point of violence, saying he had given thousands of dollars to the relatives involved. “Money, jealousy, and envy” destroy family relationships, he said

Martin Leppo, Scott (Benzino)’s lawyer, said he expected the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star  to be discharged from South Shore Hospital today, Monday, reports the Boston Globe.

“You hear about these things, but you never think it could happen to you. At the end of the day, my mom was in my corner,” Benzino said.