wendy williams close

*How’s she doing? Her typical gossiping and shading someone is what she’s up to.

Wendy Williams doesn’t think NeNe Leakes will win the “Dancing with the Stars” Mirror Ball trophy.

Tony Dovolani was partnered up with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, and he’ll most likely have his hands full with Leakes personality alone.

But Williams saw this coming, apparently.

“As I predicted, Tony Dovolani–my former partner–will be NeNe’s partner because he always gets the big ones,” Wendy said with laugh.

Williams doesn’t like this pairing, and she thinks this won’t work!

“Let’s see how this is going to play out. Tony has already won a Mirror Ball Trophy. He’s very, very serious about his dancing. He does not play around.”

Oh SHADE! And using herself as an example to throw it.

She added:

“NeNe, I don’t know whether you’re disciplined like that to be dancing because I wasn’t.”

“DWTS” is a very serious, cut throat environment — with six hour rehearsals six days a week. So hopefully Leakes is prepared, but being a sort-after entertainer, she’s most likely taking it very seriously.

And after throwing so much shade Leakes way. Williams told everyone how she really feels.

“He’s not fun, NeNe,” she said. “I wish you well, but you all aren’t going to win!”

Very well then.

Watch it below: