Darren and Michel Sproles

Darren and Michel Sproles

*Who dat woman going in on The Saints for trading her husband?

Actually, the wife of NFL running back Darren Sproles started talking on Instagram before the athlete was officially traded from New Orleans to the Philadelphia Eagles this morning. According to TMZMichel Sproles was upset that Saints was denying him a chance to choose his own team by trading him.

“I am so disappointed in the Saints organization & the way they are treating my husband,” Michel wrote. “I understand this is a brutal business but when u have a good guy who works hard & does a lot for the community u would think they would show a little more respect.”

“To verbalize to him that they will release him so at least he can choose the team he wants to spend his last few years left in the NFL on & then take it back without a word & try to trade him is f**ked up.”

She then says God will take revenge on the team for her — explaining, “The way my God is set up he gets the last say & can get u back better than the Compton Curse out I wanna give these muthaf**kas!”

She concluded with a couple of hashtags … #YesICurseAndPraiseGod, #OnlyGodCanJudgeMe, #IPutHisChargerPicsUpBecauseTheSaintsAintSh*tForWhatTheyDoin


(Side note: Sproles came to the Saints as a free agent from the San Diego Chargers, with a total of 1,067 rushing yards, 1,981 receiving yards and 21 touchdowns. He set an NFL single-season record for all-purpose yards with 2,696 in 2011.)

The Saints decided to trade, instead of release, Sproles because there was so much interest from other teams when he was shopped as trade bait, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who reported Thursday that the Saints will receive a fifth-round draft pick from the Eagles in return.

BTW, while his wife was going off on Instagram, Darren was also venting in public, telling ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Wednesday that he would rather be released by the Saints than traded.

“I don’t know where they would send me because I have no control over it, and I want to be able to pick [a team],” Sproles said.

After receiving backlash from the Who Dat Nation following her first Instagram missive, Michel posted this (claiming the first post was “an experiment”):