White woman wears Chocolate City Tee*A question posed to the “Race Matters” section of The Root by a white female asks for advice on whether she should wear a T-shirt that was given to her by a cycling group.

She really likes the shirt, and as she states, the group behind it; but it is what the shirt says on the front that makes her a bit uncomfortable.

Dear Race Manners:
I’m a white female cyclist in Washington, D.C., and like many of the street cyclists in the area, I ride with members of several different cycling groups, including the awesome guys at Chocolate City Cycling. Recently I was given a CCC T-shirt, but I feel weird about wearing it in public, especially outside the context of group cycling. I like the shirt and the people it represents (and I doubt they’d have much of a problem with me wearing it on a ride), but it still feels odd and somehow wrong to wear a shirt that asserts something about a racial identity other than my own. What advice would you have on the matter? —Confused Cyclist

Here is how the author of Race Matters responded.

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