*Is the friendly competition turning into a serious feud?

50 Cent and Kanye West‘s rivalry was pretty friendly for years — dating back to Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, when they released their albums (“Late Registration” and “Curtis,” respectively) on the same day.

They betted each other who’s album could be number one. West won the friendly competition — placing 50’s album at number two.

But this time around, 50 blasted West’s “Yeezus” album — making it clear he doesn’t like it.

“He’s obviously a talent within our culture and is one of the driving forces of it, but some of that sh*t is weird to me,” 50 said.

He continued to talk about the music on the album.

“It sounds scrambled… radio is going to play dance music, EDM – you got a lot of stuff happening in music culture that’s influencing a lot of R&B music to that tempo. It doesn’t feel like hip-hop to me, it feels like a fusion of something else, like a weird combination of dance music sounds and stuff,” he added.

But maybe 50 isn’t trying to start ANOTHER beef with a fellow rapper. Maybe he’d shed light on an opinion others have.

Drake called out the album earlier this year as well — during an interview with Rolling Stone.

“There were some real questionable bars on there,” Drake said. “Like that ‘Swaghili’ line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some sh*t like that,” Drake told the magazine in February although he was quick to add: “Kanye’s the reason I’m here. I love everything about that guy.”

Drake blasted the magazine for publishing his remarks and made piece with West.

OK, so maybe there’s no feud after all — unless West gets upset over 50’s remarks.

“It’s just him being an artist, you don’t have to agree with everything an artist does,” 50 said.

50’s next album, “Animal Ambition,”  will be up for judgement on June 2.