Mike-Epps*The premiere of “Haunted House 2” turned into a complicated situation for Mike Epps, who stands accused of punching a woman in the face at an after party for the new film.

TMZ reports the incident took place at Lucky Strike in downtown Los Angeles. Law enforcement sources tell the site that the woman – Simone Shepherd – who was assaulted claimed to have had a prior romantic relationship with Epps…and wanted to confront him about something.

The sources further stated that the woman told police Epps then punched her in the face. Although she called cops and filed a report, authorities say there was no sign of injury on the woman. Epps countered the woman’s claims, telling police he never touched her.

Sources close to the entertainer insist the woman was nothing more than a fan of Epps, who, according to TMZ, had asked for privacy because he was with his wife. The woman allegedly grew belligerent, throwing a drink at Epps and his wife. At that point, Epps asked security to escort the woman out of the party.

In light of the woman’s claims of having prior relationship with Epps, the case has been referred to the domestic violence division. At this time, the investigation is ongoing.