Caroline Clarke (Nat Cole's Granddaughter)

Caroline Clarke (Nat Cole’s Granddaughter) on KTLA

*She was given up for adoption by Carole ‘Cookie’ Cole – daughter of the late Nat King Cole – back in 1965, and only learned she was related to the famous Cole family after researching her medical history.

Author Caroline Clarke writes in her book ‘Postcards from Cookie: A Memoir of Motherhood, Miracles and a Whole Lot of Mail,’ how she discovered at age 37 the identity of her biological mother.

Caroline Clarke 2

Appearing today of TV station KTLA in Los Angeles Clarke stated:

“I had some joint issues for a long time and as every adoptee knows, when you go to the doctor the first question you’re asked is about your medical history, and all adoptees can say is ‘I don’t know’…so when you’re really looking for answers to a specific illness it gets to be very frustrating. I called the adoption agency hoping they’d have just some clue, some bit of information…expecting really the likelihood was small. They did get some medical information and they also painted a picture of my birth family at the time I was born…no names, no geography…just siblings, my birth mother…what she was like, what the family was like…and I recognized the family.”

A book signing is scheduled tonight, Monday, April 21st at Diesel, A Bookstore located at Brentwood Country Mart, 225 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90402.

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