Al Sharpton

*Al Sharpton wants everyone to know it’s not all about him.

The 2014 National Action Network Convention will have many guest speakers and panelists there, and Sharpton is ready to take action on so many civil rights issues.

“If you serve people, people tend to come,” he said. “This isn’t an Al Sharpton fan club.”

“I think the mistake a lot of groups make is they’re one dimensional. It’s all about one person.”

It’s a network for a reason.

“This is about different people doing what they do as a network together.  That’s why we named it a network.”

NAN has grown and served the people on issues like the  racial profiling deaths of Trayvon Martin and Sean Bell as well as suffering black businesses.

According the Sharpton, there are so many important civil rights issues today and right now is the time to take action.

He talked with NewsOne about the midterm elections, having  the first black president Barack Obama who will  be at the convention on Friday and having the first black attorney general Eric Holder as well as pressing issues stand your ground, stop and frisk, and voter ID laws.

“So we are  50 years since the 64 Freedom Summer and we have more civil rights issues where the blacks are in stake than we ever had,” Sharpton said.

He continued with:

“If we cannot correct some of these civil rights issues like Stand Your Ground and voter repression while president Obama and Attorney General Holder are in than we are in serious trouble with whoever is the next president.”

The 2014 NAN Convention will be held in NYC from April 9 – April 12.

Watch Sharpton’s interview below: