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*Allen Forrest is setting the charts on fire with his sophomore album, “Forrest Fire.” met up with Forrest as he took a break from the road.

The recording artist, producer and actor talks about his music, how he and Jay-Z share the same creative process and his vision for his charity performance showcasetour “The Good Music and A Good Cause.”

Forrest went back to his roots for his fourth studio album “Forrest Fire,” an18 track chronicle series laced with Jamaican dance hall beats, a lot of heart & 808 and more street anthems. “Money and Power,” is the only song with a cameo on the entire album, with Def Jam recording artist Kaptn.

“This album allowed me to embrace my true talent of rapping, composing and telling a story at the same time,” says Forrest

From writing, producing and mixing, Forrest was heavily involved in every aspect.

“When I get in the studio, I really have to be feeling the track. I don’t write a lot of songs. I record lyric by lyric until we get the song down,” Forrest states proudly. “My style is very similarto Jay-Z, he doesn’t write his stuff down.”

Wearing different hats at his label M. Republik Music Group is very rewarding and being creative makes him feel like that nine-year old kid back in Dothan, Alabama.

“Truthfully, I was really shy and I’m still innately shy. Back then, we didn’t even know what haters were.  I was picking plums and riding bicycles.” Forrest laughs as he reminisces. “I was always exploring how things work and how to put things together. I grew up in the projects, so, it’s not like your dreams are that big.  Being able to believe that you can actually achieve anything was luck of the draw.”

Growing up without a lot of opportunity took him in the wrong direction, but, eventually he completed his education and joined the Navy.  “I thought I wanted to be an interpreter and one day I had a dream that I didn’t want to be in the Navy anymore. I wanted to pursue music.” Forrest reveals. Although, others around him couldn’t believe he would abandon a stable career, Forrest took a leap of faith.  He got his big break when he was presented with achance to open up for dancehall and reggae sensationSean Paul in Winnipeg, Canada. “It’s been one hell of a journey and now I’m partnered with the largest entertainment media company in the country.” boast Forrester.

This journey has inspired Forrest to produce the “Good Music and A Good Cause,” charity tour in an effort to give back to local communities.

“A percentage of the tour proceeds will go to a charitable organization within the community; chosen by the community.  I believe the people in the community are the true rockstars in life and they should be celebrated.” Forrest doesn’t take his blessings for granted and has ignited the next generation with his music label M. Republik Music Group. “Look out for our artist Melissa Montgomery, Dougie F, and Scott Bernhardt they’re doing phenomenal things.”

You can catch a performance with Allen Forrest at the Bowery Hotel in New York City on June 13, 2014 or connect with him on social media:


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