Nikko Smith from "American Idol'

Nikko Smith from “American Idol’

*There are two Nikko Smiths in the entertainment business, and one of them did NOT make a sex tape with “Love & Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust.

The Nikko Smith who was a contestant on “American Idol” got flooded with phone calls yesterday after the Nikko Smith dating Mimi on the VH1 series made headlines over their “leaked” sex tape, reports TMZ.

Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust

Music producer Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust

“Idol” Nikko says he’s never dated or even met Mimi Faust — but adds he’s cool with being compared to her boyfriend, mostly because sex tape Nikko, a so-called music producer, is apparently well endowed.

“There could be worse things linked to my name,” said “Idol” Nikko. “At least the guy didn’t murder someone.”