Deborah Hughes, tried to help white man who hit kid with car

Deborah Hughes tried to stop angry crowd from punching driver by shielding him with her body Photo Credit: My FOX Detroit

*In a story we ran last week about the white motorist in Detroit that hit the black kid who ran into traffic with his car, before jumping out to check on him, there are new developments. As it turns out, one woman – a retired nurse – was watching the entire scene from her apartment across the street.

She saw the accident, witnessed the driver, Steve Utash, 54, get out of his car to check on the boy, and the angry mob of approximately 150 people who galvanized around Utash and proceeded to punch him.

But Deborah Hughes, packing heat, was not going to let it go down like that. She ran out of her apartment and…threw herself on top of Utash. Continue reading →