apollo nida, sister 2 sister

*”RHOA” star Apollo Nida is finally opening up about all the drama in his life.

Nida is facing legal troubles — identity theft and bank fraud to be exact.

And of course, his legal woes caused some drama in his marriage to Phaedra Parks — a marriage that might not exist for much longer…

Nida spoke with Sister 2 Sister about his marriage and legal troubles.

Folks waited long enough for Nida to respond to facing criminal charges for identity theft and bank fraud.

“I don’t really get nervous. And this is not just boasting or bragging. Phaedra – I’m sure she’s nervous because at the end of the day, I’m putting my career in jeopardy.”

Speaking of his wife, his legal troubles caused quite some drama in their marriage, but Nida admires his wife.

“I really admired everything that she did as a woman. I think that we have lost sight of the true picture, which is that we did take an oath to God and we did build a family and a brand,” he said.

He continued with, “whatever has come of this reality fiasco, we have had two beautiful children, and at the end of the day, I only wish her the best.”

If their marriage will make it is up in the air for now. Rumor has it they’re divorcing.

“I can’t say if it’s going to last. But I hope that it does…I definitely love her.I’ve grown to love her more.”