Arsenio Hall and David Letterman*News of David Letterman’s retirement has rocked the world of late night television, but according to Arsenio Hall, it’s all a part of his “plan.”

“Man, they are dropping like flies! First Jay, now Dave… My plan is working perfectly!“ Hall jokingly told

Despite joking around about the departure of the TV fixtures, Hall, who recently returned to the late night scene, had nothing but respect while acknowledging Letterman’s impact on the small screen and him personally during his 32 years on the air.

“David Letterman is a legend,” Hall said. ”I have had the unique pleasure of watching him as a fan and competing against him as a fellow host. He has set a standard for comedy in late night that I strive to achieve every single day. When I decided to come back to late night and compete against Dave, I received a phone call asking me to be a guest on Dave’s CBS show for the first time. Dave put me on his show 72 hours before I debuted.”

According to media sources, Letterman will call it quits when he steps down from his CBS late night show in 2015. At this time, there is no word yet on who will replace the longtime talk show host.

“Dave showed that the only thing that matches his comic genius is his class,” Hall added. “Late night might fill his time slot but it can never fill the void he will leave behind. He is simply the best.”