kandi burruss, mimi faust shower rod

* While Mimi Faust has people around the country buying out heavy duty shower rods, celebrities are also trying them out — like Kandi Burruss.

Faust showed quite the athleticism in her sex tape and one scene showcased the acrobatic reality star in the shower!

Burruss attempted it herself and posted it to Instagram. Yep, she almost hurt herself.

Nevertheless, Burruss praised Faust’s performance, although she doesn’t have her athleticism.

“Well, for the performance, she gets a 10, but I wouldn’t have displayed that performance if I was her,” Kandi told the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Wednesday. “If we’re just basing it on her performance, she was awesome.”

Burruss (like everyone else) doesn’t believe the video was a leaked sex tape. In fact, it was sold to Vivid Entertainment and Mona Scott Young, reportedly, produced it.

“Camera angles were awesome; lighting was great. It was a real production,” said Kandi whose husband produces TV shows. “I don’t know about all that ‘leaked.’ That wasn’t a home video.”

Burruss had some fun attempting what Faust did. There’s nothing wrong with spicing things up as a newlywed or ever in a marriage!

“I need a stronger one ‘cause I think I weigh a little more than she does,” said Kandi. “I need something that can hold more weight.”

Watch Kandi Burruss attempt Haust’s athleticism below: