Joe Johnston *Joe Johnson’s chances of going to jail are set to become highly likely if he continues to flake out on his baby mama.

Court documents obtained by TMZ Sports reveal the Brooklyn Nets star was warned by a judge that if he continues to break the terms of his custody arrangement with Shannon Becton for his 6-year-old son it “may result in [Johnson’s] incarceration.”

The warning stems from claims made by Becton, who says Johnson is supposed to give her progress reports about how their son is doing in school and in his extracurricular activities when he’s in athlete’s custody. Despite the arrangement, Becton claims that Johnston isn’t holding up his end in light of him not keeping her in the loop.

“I am unaware of my child’s whereabouts, and [Joe] is interfering with me maintaining a healthy relationship with my son,” she claimed. Becton further stated that she only talks with her son “once a week if lucky and the boy is now being raised by a nanny since Mr. Johnson travels a lot.”

Apparently the final straw came when Johnson failed to honor the part of the custody arrangement where he agreed to pay for Becton to fly to New York City to visit their son.

Johnson was ultimately found in contempt of court for blowing off his obligation, thereby triggering the warning from the judge, according to the court documents.