columbus-shortFans may have come out in full force last night to catch the season finale of “Scandal,” but Columbus Short appeared on TV One’s “News One Now” to address his real-life scandal.

The show’s host, Roland Martin, cut right to the chase bringing up the elephant in the room: Short’s estranged wife filing for divorce from and taking a restraining order against the actor as well as an incident in which Short threatened to kill his wife and commit suicide.

The actor was brief and somewhat nonsensical in his response as he gave credit to “Scandal’s” scriptwriters and noted how the best scriptwriters come from life itself:

“We have some amazing scriptwriters,” Short stated. “It’s — life — life has the best scriptwriters of all time. That’s all I can say about that. But I’m still here. I’m standing. I’m talk. Let’s go.”

Although Martin seemed hesitant to address the situation, he mentioned the statement Short’s publicist sent out regarding the entertainer’s predicament, which in turn caused him to broach the subject with Short.

Domestic incident aside, Short’s main reason for appearing on News One Now” was to promote “Scandal’s” season finale, which aired Thursday. Wearing a B-613 sweatshirt, Short was tight-lipped on what viewers could expect other than advising viewers to “buckle up” for a “phenomenal” finale that was “gonna be crazy.”

Instead of leaking spoilers, Short heaped praise on veteran cast members Joe Morton, who plays Olivia Pope’s father Eli and Jeff Perry, who plays White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene. In addition to “Scandal,” Short promoted his upcoming album, which he’s currently working on. A single from the opus is currently circulating on radio.

“The single is out on radio right now,” Short shared with Martin, who reminded viewers that Short was in the Beyonce Knowles starrer and actually sang on the film’s soundtrack. “Yeah, man. It’s called “Gave.” Finally gone, full-fledged. This album done. Music is going to be great. Gonna be great.”

Although some thought Short would not appear on “News One Now” because of the situation with his wife, Martin thanked the actor for appearing on his show in spite of all the negative attention.

“Roland, you’re a friend. You’re a friend. And a brother I respect highly. And, you know, I would always want to check in with friends and family and let them know, you know what I mean?,” said Short. “Don’t believe everything you read.

To listen to Columbus Short’s full interview on “News One Now,” click on the player below: