columbus short

*Well, this is not exactly a surprise.

According to reports, “Scandal” actor Columbus Short is history as far as that show is concerned.

Sources connected with ABC – as you’ve probably already guessed – say it’s because the network decided to release him due to allegations of domestic violence.

In fact, the actor just released this statement to TMZ:

“At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble in television today.”

He continues:

“Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast…”

Dang, it’s almost like it was predestined to happen ’cause in the series’ season finale, he caught a bullet, so now …

As we reported, Short’s wife just got a restraining order against him after he allegedly put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. He’s also been charged in connection with another incident with domestic violence and child abuse. He was arrested for yet another incident of alleged domestic abuse. And he was arrested recently for allegedly clocking a dude in a bar.