ben-carson *Condoleezza Rice may not be the first person to come to mind when comparing to Trayvon Martin, but according to Ben Carson, the former secretary of state fits in perfectly.

Rice’s name came up Friday during the outspoken conservative’s hour-long interview with Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now.” During the conversation, which touched on politics, race and health policy, Martin cited Martin’s case as an example when he asked Carson why black conservatives don’t speak up on issues outside of policy that effect black Americans.

It was then that Martin played the role of the interviewee as Carson turned the question around as he stated that black progressives fail to speak up for black conservatives.

“It would only be a fair criticism if you could turn it around the other way and say ‘Where are the black liberals when atrocities occur…such as Condoleeza Rice being dis-invited to give a commencement at Rutgers University simply because she’s a conservative,” Carson asked. “Look at where this woman came from. Born to a family of sharecroppers. She has gone through becoming a concert pianist, moving to secretary of state in the United States … my point is organizations like the NAACP and organizations that supposedly are for the advancement of colored people, do you ever see them coming out in support of a conservative black person? Why don’t they just add another letter to it, National Association for the Advancement of Progressive Colored People?”

In addition to Rice, Carson also responded on whether he would speak out against fellow conservatives like Ted Nugent, Rafael Cruz and Louie Gohmert, saying:

“I will always come down on the side of what’s right. I’m not a partisan person. A lot of people think that I am, but I’m not. I try to look at things fairly and I always ask God for wisdom, which is the right way to go. And He is, quite frankly, my central focus.

“I don’t really care that much about what other people have to say,” he continued. “I’ve never really have cared what other people have to say. That takes a lot of courage, but you have to know where your base and where your anger is.”

Regarding talk about whether he will run for president, Carson downplayed the chatter as he stated that he would let a higher power decide what path he will take.

“I’ll leave that in the hands of God,” he said. “It is not something that I really want to do. I feel a lot of pressure, a lot of people pushing me in that direct. What I would like to see is a candidate; I don’t care whether the candidate is a Republican or a Democrat. I would like to see a candidate who understands the Constitution of the United States, who understands values and principals, who understands exceptionalism, who understands excellence, who pushes those things, who understands integrity and truth and can put those things on the front burner, not the backburner.”

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