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standing: Carl Gilliard, Brely Evans – Seated: Bill Duke, Edwina Findley, Wendy Davis, Brian Hooks

*Faithful Central Bible Church presented the FCBC Repertory Company’s Artists Development Series on Saturday, April 26, 2014.  Our associate, LaCora Stephens, was on the scene to get the story.

The free entertainment panel included producers, network executives, actors and directors. Hundreds of seasoned and up and comings came out to get advice from Industry Pros like Bill Duke, Shaun Robinson, Twinkie Byrd, Don B. Welch, Wendy Davis and more.

The day started with a continental breakfast, then an introduction from the Artistic Director of FCBC: Carl Gilliard. He did a great job with the program from the line up to the flow and food. Seminars were full of life, excitement and wisdom. The first panel was: Talk With the Director. Devika Parikh moderated Special Time with Shaun Robinson from “Access Hollywood.”

After a brief lunch, the program resumed with The Journey of the Working After and closed with The Power of the Producer.  All panels were great but our associate LaCora Stephens particularly enjoyed the latter. The ladies simply owned their power and as Twinkie Bird put it, “They are dropping pearls of wisdom that I plan on stringing together to create a necklace and wear it as a reminder,”  said Stephens. This panel included Ayanna A. Floyd, Korin Huggins and Stacey Evans Morgan.

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faithful ent

Standing: Twinkie Byrd, Devika Parikh, Brely Evans – Seated: Stacey Evans Morgan, Korin Huggins, Ayanna A. Floyd